Plant of the Day
Wednesday 24 June 2014

A garden room created by yew hedging in this private garden provides a sheltered location for these tree ferns,
Dicksonia antartica. They need a moist environment and there was an irrigation system and misting nozzles to help cope with the dry climate of Essex. I addition the plants will need winter protection especially to their crowns. The power of this display is the simplicity of planting and colour.

Jill Raggett




cloud iridescence - caused as light diffracts through tiny ice crystals or water droplets of uniform size, usually in lenticular clouds.


Spent today with L, H , and E.
we painted
and drank beer out of coffee mugs
and listened to vinyls
while having a few smokes.

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Handbag, Miranda July



wake up early. drink coffee. work hard. be ambitious. keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up. do well, live well and dress really well. do what you love, love what you do. it is time to start living 💛



ughhh 10 till 6 shifts are grim (i have to work nights sometimes) but now i’m just not tired


Elephants walking through the tall grass.

Garden chillin 🌸☀️


I got lost in the woods today. It was beautiful

☪ ☪ ☪