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I did the same thing yesterday :( (the sad text post)

it’s hard, is it not, when you feel like this?

sorry about that lovely x x x

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went for an adventure yesterday to some caves and found what i suspect was a pagan ritual of sorts… there was white sage (which had been burnt), fern, a selection of crystals, and a candle, all placed upon a sort of alter

of course my journey into and learnings of paganism isn’t as good as it should be (i became pagan when i was 14, but was a bad follower of it and have decided to reunite myself with my beliefs), so i’m not really sure what it meant, but the sage would have cleared the area of negative energies, and the fern represents the crossing from earth to heaven (i think? correct me if i’m wrong) so i think something unsavoury may have gone on there (the caves were used many years ago for smuggling, etc, into our town where there are tunnels and caves leading under the whole place).

whether they were there for good or bad, i’m not sure, but i didn’t have the best feeling


Don’t do drugs, kids. Except LSD and marijuana. And psilocyben shrooms. Maybe some mescaline or DMT too. Try salvia at least once as well.

As soon as you believe that a label you’ve put on yourself is true, you’ve limited something that is literally limitless, you’ve limited who you are into nothing but a thought. —Adyashanti (via iam-youis)

gonna get very drunk and block out my mind 👍

the hardest bit is knowing how happy you’re supposed to be but not feeling like you’re worth a thing

have barely left my bed today

there’s been nothing but a constant sadness


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Today in an abandoned house in Ferndale, California.

This is really good. 

results day in two days… i used to care about what i was getting, but now i know i’m gonna fail everything, and it doesn’t matter anymore anyway because i have to get a full time job as mum’s kicking me out and i have no way to actually pay to live… i’m being thrown into adulthood and i’m completely unprepared

boomtown destroyed me yet gave me some of the most magical experiences… i want to go back, but another year yet dear friend


Peppermint tea in Glasgow


Janis Joplin performing at The Fillmore, San Francisco, 1968




The Beatles owe soooooo much to teenage girls for their success like i’m pretty sure it was teenage girls who were screaming and fainting at shows and buying all those records and not old ponytailed dudes or moody teen boys with bad hair? and somehow everyone forgets that when they’re yelling about “real music” and putting down teen girls for the performers they get excited about. like whatever. I see you.


Be a good friend. When your friend leaves an abusive relationship, delete/unfollow/unfriend their abuser. Don’t give them anymore activity. When they leave, leave with them. Be their support system. You cannot be neutral when someone was abused. 

these days, being a hippie has turned into how you dress, instead of being a way of life. being a selfless, caring, and a nice person, who enjoys a simple lifestyle and dabbles in drugs (maybe, maybe not) has nothing to do with it these days. i know way too many girls who think because they look like fae with a shit tonne of glitter on their face they’re a ‘hippie’. okay i would never ever call myself one, but i’m closer to these peoples world than you ever will be, and it’s because, deep down, all you care for is nothing but yourself and your ego

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